$999.00 $92.00

Price : $999
Just pay : $92



Bill Twyford and Dwan Twyford - Short Sales Apprenticeship Program

Bill Twyford and Dwan Twyford – Short Sales Apprenticeship Program

Price : $999
Just pay : $92

The $15,000  Apprenticeship program  includes 24 weekly  calls covering

  1. Setting Goals by Learning Your Numbers
    2. Your Schedule
    3. Creating Energy, Skill, and Production Through the Right Mindset
    4. Mindset of the Homeowner
    5. The Fed-up Pack
    6. Beware or Realtors, Investors, and Mortgage Brokers
    7. Role Playing The “Fed Up” Pack, Loan Modification, and The Forbearance
    8. Bank Mindset and Bank Structure For Short Sales
    9. The Short Sale Process and The First Offer
    10. The Second Offer, The BPO, The Deficiency Judgment, vs The 1099
    11. Third and Final Offer and the Net Sheet
    12. Bankruptcy
    13. Bankruptcy Role Playing and Buying the Note
    14. Role Playing Bank objections with Students
    15. The Equity Agreement -Your Presentation
    16. The Equity Agreement – Practical Scenarios
    17. The Equity Agreement – Group Role Play
    18. The scripts
    19. The Wholesale Process Part 1, Title Companies
    20. The Wholesale Process Part 2, Double Closings and The Assignment Contract
    21. Repeat, Approve, Respond, and Downswings verses Upswings
    22. embedded Commands and Presuppositions
    23. Level Shifts, Cause and Effect, and Implied Cause and Effect
    24. Live Role-Play with all Students – Homeowner objections