$997.00 $92.00

Price : $997
Just pay : $92


Charles Kirkland - Lead Agency Master Class + Auto Affiliate Funnel

Charles Kirkland – Lead Agency Master Class + Auto Affiliate Funnel

Price : $997
Just pay : $92


 Lead Agency Master Class

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How To Start, Outsource and Scale A Lead Generation Marketing Agency…Even If You Are Starting From Scratch.


 Auto Affiliate Funnel

Sale Page :

“How I Create “Auto Affiliate Funnels” That Work In Almost Any Niche While I Hardly Lift A Finger!”

New Bonus Add For Saturday!

Go ahead and join the Auto Affiliate Funnel program to claim your 3 new bonuses now:

Jason Parker’s Psychological E-Mail Writing Formula Video Course – $47 Value

Jason Parker’s Ultimate E-Mail Writing Video Workshop – $97 Value

Jason Parker’s 7 Magic Scarcity E-Mails and Video Course – $7 Value


Why am I doing this?

Because once you use your Auto Affiliate Funnel to bring in leads and commissions, I want you to know how to extract maximum commissions from your new leads by becoming a master psychological e-mail writer.

Which means you’ll stuff your e-mails full of hidden psychology that makes subscribers itchy to buy.

You see, Jason Parker is one of a handful of e-mail writers who has certifications in basic and advanced hypnosis and NLP and has figured out how to use it in every e-mail I write.